Love Spicy Food?!

Feel The Heat

There is nothing wrong with adding a little kick and a little flavor to the foods that you make in your home. As long as you are careful and you make sure not to over season it with some cayenne pepper or some chili peppers, you should be OK. The biggest problem arises when people decide to start getting creative with their products and then they realize that maybe they went a little far in what they were doing with the spice rub. Sometimes it pays to read up on what you may be putting into your food and to know just how hot something may be. Adding a little spice and heat is one thing. Taking it to a new level where you have folks crying is something different.

Remember to read labels and to know what you are adding before simply throwing something in because it sounds interesting to try!



Heating It Up

Spicy foods have always been an area of interest to many people they either love them and feel no pain, or else they completely avoid those foods and are not willing to take the risk at all. For many people just the thought of eating spicy foods gives them an upset stomach, then there are others who are more than willing to take on the challenge and feel as though the hotter the food is the better. In some cases, this is simply people trying to show off, but in many it is a matter of people eating the foods that they truly enjoy.
The question then that you need to ask yourself is, what type of person are you. Are you the one who is willing to sacrifice your body for the sake of trying new flavors and levels of heat, or are you the guy who will sit and laugh at the guy as his face turns red from what he just ate.

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